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Lines 1.0 for blackberry 10 games

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Lines 1.0 for blackberry 10 games

Lines - popular logic game. On the field, there are balls of different colors. You must, by moving one ball per turn, build them in rows of five pieces, then this number disappears. A number of balls can be assembled horizontally, vertically, or horizontally. When disappears number of new balls do not appear. The ball can move only if between his position and said the place is the way of the free balls of cells. The game has a mode prompt, which shows where there will be new balls and what color they are. Knowing this, you can put in place where your ball should appear, but the new ball will still appear, but at an unknown location. The task of the game to score as many points as long as possible clearing the playing field.

Supported Devices:
BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z30
Porsche Design P9982
Porsche Design P9983


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