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The Logo Game for BB10 GAMES

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Overview :

Did you know that on an average, we see nearly 3000 brands a day? That's almost 3 brands per minute!! Whether you're walking down a busy street in New York or Mumbai, there are brands like Coca Cola, KFC and BMW competing for your attention at almost every turn! But how many of those brand logos do you actually remember? Play The Logo Game and you'll know!
With plenty of levels and 100s of top brands, this logo quiz promises hours of fun and trivia! The more logos you guess, the more levels you unlock and the faster you do that, the more points you gain! And if you find yourself scratching your head and wondering what that logo is, we've got some interesting lifelines for you!
Hints: Get a few logos right and we'll reward you with hint points. 
Ask a friend: Get your friends on Facebook and Twitter to help you solve that toughie!
Resolve: And if you still can't guess that logo, we'll give you the answer in return for a few hint points! Or you could just buy more hint points. Fair enough?
Oh and BTW, when you login with Facebook, you could also see how you fare against your Facebook friends. Nothing like some friendly competition to increase the fun factor, right?
We've also added 12 new themed logo packs with 50 logos in each pack as In App Purchases.
1.  Football
2.  Fortune 500
3.  Fashion
4.  Automobiles
5.  Government Organizations
6.  Food
7.  Women
8.  Technology
9.  India
10. Canada
11. UK
12. Philippines

Supported Devices:
BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z30


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