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3D Icons Theme - Ver.3 ( US$1.99 )

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Overview :

3D Icons Theme - Ver.3 ( US$1.99 )
File Size: 2902 KB
Required Device Software:
Smartphone: 4.5.0 or higher


★★★ Finally 3D Icons V3 Released!! ★★★

- BlackBerry® 9810 (Only OS6)
- Today Preview(Each device is different)
- OS 4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0 supported.
- Screenshots are of the 9700 devices
- New versions upgraded is free
- New battery icon
- Background on all screens
- 7 home screen icons
- full set of custom made full 3D
- In use in some kind of trouble? Email us. we will update the modification.
- Enjoy the 3D World

★ 3D icons are 2D graphic images create by 3D rendering software on PC.
    and they don't make your BlackBerry slower at all. so please feel free to try out our great themes NOW!!


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