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Gold Ribbon (Child Cancer) PREMIUM Theme

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Overview :

Gold Ribbon (Child Cancer) PREMIUM Theme
Required Device Software
4.5.0 or higher


Show your support to anyone child that is battling (or has fought and won) cancer with this classy gold ribbon theme.   Theme color is black and gold.

Custom features within this theme include:
*Gold Ribbon themed backgrounds on all screens
*New message icon has been changed to a Gold Ribbon
*Updated lock screen and icon
*Menu colors, highlights, icons, etc
*Fonts and colors

***FYI:  This theme may change the positioning of icons slightly depending on which BlackBerry® you own and which OS you are running.  This theme is designed to work with OS 4.5 and ABOVE
**To activate this theme (after download), go to options - themes, then choose this theme from the list

Please ensure that permissions are accepted for any theme download. You can do this by going into options - advanced options - applications.  Then highlight the theme you have downloaded and push the menu button.  Select edit permissions and set all permission to allow.  You will need to restart the device after by performing a battery pull.  Theme may not appear exactly as shown on all handsets.

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Download Instructions:
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