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Blackberry 8350i (320x240 pixels (QVGA) with 65K colours): Blackberry 8500, Blackberry 8520/Blackberry 83XX Curve Family (320x240 pixels (QVGA) with 65K colours): Blackberry 8300, Blackberry 8310, Blackberry 8320, Blackberry 8330 /Blackberry 88XX Family (320x240 pixels (QVGA) with 65K colours): Blackberry 8800, Blackberry 8820, Blackberry 8830 /Blackberry 87XX Electron Family(large 320x240 pixels (QVGA) and 65K colours depth): Blackberry 8700, Blackberry 8700c, Blackberry 8700f, Blackberry 8700g, Blackberry 8700r, Blackberry 8700v, Blackberry 8703e, Blackberry 8707, Blackberry 8707g, Blackberry 8707h, Blackberry 8707v
Dust off that brain and supercharge your memory in Memory Wiz, a unique and fun game for everyone! Simply flip tiles and match the symbols, but be quick about it because if you’re too slow, the board starts to fill and the tiles will take over!

In this exciting twist on the classic game of memory, play to reach the highest score possible by clearing the board and picking up special gems. Enjoy four ways of playing the game including new game types such as Strategy, where tiles fall with every flip, and Chaos, where tiles move towards the top and bottom of the board. Plenty of power-ups are also available to help out in tough situations, like Bombs, Wildcards and the powerful Hurricane, but you’ll mostly have to rely on the might of your brain’s memory.

Keep track of your highest scores, collect special reward trophies, and, most importantly, sharpen your memory with a fast-paced and entertaining match game!


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