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Fly! Birdie! Fly! - 2

Tag: Fly birdie
Overview :

"Fly, Birdie, Fly! - 2" is a continuation of a fabulous game which was downloaded by millions and millions people from the whole world. This game is a very simple from one side, but very difficult from the other side. Keep a birdie in flight and don't let your small hero to hit the trees. Thus, you should direct birdie through the gaps. Be careful and demonstrate your best skills as you can control just fly altitude!
Nice design and balanced accompanying sound will leave a good impression at all players.
"Fly, Birdie, Fly! - 2" game is a great fun! If you play once, you will definitely play again and again. And every day you can compare your results with players from all around the world! So enjoy the game and prove you are the best!

Version: 1.0.3
File Size: 1 MB
Required: BlackBerry Device with Screen Resolution 640 x 480 (9900, 9930, 9981)



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