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Ziplorer v2.0.1 for blackberry apps

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Overview :

The ultimate file explorer with unique pack and unpack capabilities!

* Accessible: Internal BlackBerry® memory, installed microSD card. 
* Output formats: PKZip, GZip. 
* Packable files: Any kind of files and directories (subdirectories are included automatically). 
* Functions: Pack, unpack, delete, file info and browse the filesystem. 

* New Features: Polished User Interface, File Type Visualization, Compress to a Certain Folder, Move Files, Delete / Create Directories, Send Files via EMail


+++ Reviews +++

 CrackBerry: "(...) receive zip files on your BlackBerry® and unpack them directly onto your device (...)"

 BerryReview: "(...) another innovative application for BlackBerry® devices (...) This essentially brings the power of PKZip and GZip to the BlackBerry®. Pretty cool if I may say so myself. (...)"

 BlackBerryCool: "(...) Bandwidth is at a premium on EDGE devices, so dealing with compressed files is a smart move if speed and data use are an issue. (...)"

If you want to access your sd card, the device must have an sd card installed and cannot be connected to the computer at the time of program usage.

This product comes with a 30 day value back guarantee. More info: http://s4bb.com/returnpolicy.


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