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How to set up homescreen speed dial shortcuts on the BlackBerry KEY2

The BlackBerry KEY2 is full of built-in shortcuts and ways to save you time in your day, and if you find yourself frequently calling the same people, there are tricks to make that faster as well, such as homescreen speed dial shortcuts. With homescreen speed dial shortcuts, your frequent contacts are never more than a tap away. Here's how to set them up!

= Long press on a blank area of the homescreen
= Tap Widgets
= Tab over to Shortcuts
= Go to Phone Shortcuts
= Drag and drop Speed Dial
= Select a Contact
= Tap and call

Once you have all your options set, there's nothing more to it. You'll be able to tap on the contact icon and directly hop right into a call. Granted, there are other ways to set up similar options via the keyboard, but it's nice having this option as well.
Other phone related shortcuts within the phone widgets section include Call Voicemail, Check call history or you can even set a shortcut to hop right into your dialer without having to hunt down your Phone icon. All about choice and options, and I like that!

Source: https://crackberry.com