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How To Install Ringtones On Your BlackBerry

Learning how to install ringtones on a Blackberry can seem complicated at first, but once you start the process, it is not as difficult as it may seem. Just about everyone has personalized ringtones on there phone to their liking. Ringtones have become so popular, and the internet has made it so easy to get to have quick access to them. No mater what you flavor or type of music is you can find ringtones for just about anything. To install ringtones on a Blackberry just follow a few steps and you will be done in no time.

1.Find a website that has free MP3 ringtones. You can ask a friend or do a search in a search engine on the internet. It is best to use known or recommended sites.  Getting free ringtones means there will be a limited selection, but free is always good, so check with free ringtone providers before you purchase one elsewhere.
2.Search and select the ringtone that you want to install on your Blackberry.  Browse through the listing of ringtones until you find one that you are satisfied with one and want to use it.3.Send the ringtone to your Blackberry.  Select the ringtone and, when prompted, type in the email address that your Blackberry is connected to. In your email you will receive a link to download the ringtone.
4.Download the ringtone. Access your email on your Blackberry mobile browser. You will see a URL link. Click the download link on the URL and select the "Save" option to save it to your phone. Allow a few minutes for the download to complete while the ringtone is being installed and saved to your phone.
5.Set the ringtone on your Blackberry. From the main menu go click on "Profile", and the select "Advanced." From there you can event "Edit" or "Activate" your ringtone. Once you have made and edited your changes click the "Save" button. Your ringtone is installed and you can assign it to the contacts of your choice. 
 To install ringtones on a Blackberry from a PC:

1.Save the MP3 ringtone to your desktop.  Once you find a ringtone that you want to download from a website, make sure you select save to your PC.
2.Connect your USB cable. Plug one end of the USB cable into you PC and the other end into your Blackberry.
3.Go to "open a folder to view files." Once your USB cord is connected to your PC on your phone you will be able to select this option. Your Blackberry has now been detected.
4.Select and open the Blackberry folder. Next click on the ringtones folder and your downloaded ringtones will now appear.
5.Select the MP3 ringtone you want to put on your Blackberry. Click and drag the selected ringtone to your Blackberry device ringtone folder. Repeat this step if necessary to add more ringtones or you can click and drag several at a time. Unplug the USB cable when you are finished.
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