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How to take a screenshot on the BlackBerry Priv

We know that plenty of people who picked up a new BlackBerry Priv will also be new to Android, and we're here to help you get to know everything about your Priv. To kick things off, we're just going to jump into something simple to get it out of the way as it has come up a few times already. How do you take a screenshot?
Taking a screenshot on most Android phones works the same way, and the Priv is no exception. A simple button combination is all it takes to grab everything from your screen, and package it up as an image file.
  • Put one finger on the volume down button
  • Put one finger on the power button
  • Press them both at the same time
You'll then have a screenshot saved as a .png file using the current time and date as the name. When you go to look for it, it will be in your phone's storage in the /Pictures/Screenshots folder, and you'll have an actionable notification letting you know that is was saved, and you can share it. Of course, you can always find it later with any file manager or through the sharing menu in any other app.
Some apps can limit the ability to capture the screen, so don't be alarmed if your banking app (or something similar) won't let you take a screenshot. This is for security and privacy reasons.