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How to Install JAD, JAR, COD, ALX, OTA files on BB Phones

Today I’m gonna give you a tips on how to install applications in your Blackberry. Later we will talk about how to install JAD, JAD, COD or ALX files on your Blackberry. All of you who already owned Blackberry for a while might already know this, but I suppose this post might be useful for new Blackberry users out there. With the growing numbers of applications out there (outside of RIM’s official Blackberry applications), I think that the installing Blackberry apps tutorial is just something that you need

Anyway, first we will reveal what exactly are those .JAD, .JAR, .COD, and .ALX file types before we go to the installing part.

.JAD files: An application descriptor that stores information about the application itself and the location of .COD files
.JAR files: a JAR file (or Java ARchive) is used for aggregating many files into one. It is generally used to distribute Java classes and associated metadata.
.COD files: A COD file is a proprietary file format developed by RIM that contains compiled and packaged application code.
.ALX files: Similar to the .JAD file, in that it holds information about where the installation files for the application are located
Now basically there are two ways to install JAD / JAR / COD / ALX files, directly via your Blackberry and indirectly via Blackberry Desktop Manager.

JAD, JAR, COD and ALX installation via OTA (Over the Air)

This is the easiest way to install JAD, JAR, COD and ALX files to your Blackberry. All you have to do is navigate via your Blackberry’s browser to the download page for the application you wish to install and find the direct (OTA) download link. Most application developers will provide direct links to the .jad or .jar files required for internal installation on your BlackBerry.Here is the complete guides on installing applications via OTA:

Using your Blackberry browser (or other mobile browser compatible); go to the application download page
There you will see direct OTA link. Occasionally for some applications, you are required to enter your cellphone number and then the link will be sent to your Blackberry via SMS
Now click on the link provided from your Blackberry browser and follow the instruction.
The app will be unpacked and automatically installed
JAR JAD COD and ALX installation via Blacberry Desktop Manager

This way can also be used to install whether JAR, JAD, COD or ALX file on your Blackberry. It’s not the easiest way but for those who have technical issues with their Blackberry can use this installation guide. It’s pretty simple too. The only requirement is the latest version of the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on your PC.

Here are the steps on how to install apps (JAR, JAD, COD or ALX) via Blackberry desktop manager:

navigate your browser to the download page of the apps (whether it is on JAR, JAD, COD or ALX format); and download it to your PC
now after that, you may have to unzip/extract the contents to a new folder. Inside your newly created folder you will find a file that ends in .alx
Connect the Blackberry via USB to your Computer
Launch the Blackberry Desktop Manager (BDM)
In the BDM menu there’s an option for “Application Loader”. Click this option,
A screen will appear, displaying list of applications currently loaded on our Blackberry
Search for the “Add” button in the above the list.
An add application dialog box will appear and navigate to your previous .alx. Click OK
The app now appear on the list.
repeat step 7-9 for adding more software to install
verify the new application(s) by giving them a check mark and click the “Next” button (below the list)
Blackberry now will process it and after that it may restart
after restart you will see the apps on the Blackberry’s applications screen
Now those are the most common ways of installing Blackberry application (JAD, JAR, COD, ALX). I will also provide other (alternative) way to do it, but I think it is enough for now. You can now hunt for applications or freeware you like and install them… Lastly, Have a great time with your Blackberry. Blackberry is the best indeed