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Electrum v1.0 for playbook apps

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Overview :

Electrum v1.0 for playbook apps

Required Device Software: 1.0.0 or higher

Electrum is an application designed specifically for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  Lighting designers, engineers, architects, and anyone interested in lighting may find this program useful.  Electrum includes four distinct lighting tools: Lamp Life Calculator, Inverse Square Law Calculator, Lux Conversion, and a Glossary of Lighting terms.

The Lamp Life Calculator allows the user to see how Voltage variations will affect the Lamp Life and also the following characteristics: Wattage, CCT, and Lumen output.  The calculations are based on the IESNA Lighting Handbook.  Results are displayed in a scrollabe grid.

The Inverse Square Law Calculator allows one to determine the Illuminance of a light source at a certain distance.

E1 = the known Illuminance value. 
D1 = distance at which E1 is known. 
D2 = the desired distance. 
E2 = the result of the calculation.  The Illuminance at distance D2.  

E2 = E1 * ((D1/D2)^2).

Lux Conversion allows the user to convert values from Lux to foot-candles and from foot-candles to Lux.

The Lighting Glossary is displayed in a scrollable list.  There are also buttons for which the user can select to jump to a particular letter.


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