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free TimerPro v0.9.1 for blackberry playbook applications

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Overview :

free TimerPro v0.9.1 for blackberry playbook applications
File Size: 470 KB
Required Device Software
Tablet: 1.0.0 or higher

TimerPro for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ is a universal timer application with main timer and secondary interval timer. Great functionality packed with a beautiful interactive design will make sure this is the only timer you'll ever need again.
- Primary countdown timer with seconds
- Interval timer that runs between main timer cycles
- Repeat setting to loop the timer up to 99 times
- Beautiful interface
- Intuitive controls for quick configuration
- Set your timers on the fly!
- 13 alerts sounds
- Something for all tastes and situations
- Choose your interval timer alert sound

- Time multiple dishes in the kitchen
- Get the most out of your workout at the gym
- Boost productivity with work/break intervals
- Yoga or meditation timer with gong/chime alerts
- Reminder to take medications or walk the dog
- And Much More


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