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luko Remote v2.0.0 for bb playbook apps

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Overview :

luko Remote v2.0.0 for bb playbook apps
Required Device Software:
1.0.0 or higher

This application lets you use your tables as a mouse, keyboard and file explorer for your PC.

It is compatible with windows xp/vista/win7.
It works over wi-fi network.

Before you run remote, server application must be installed on your PC - it is available at


Make sure that server is not blocked by firewall.

Main features:

- file browser: browse your PC filesystem, open files and folders from your tablet, add files/folders to your favourite list (add it to Launcher and Places just by press and hold selected item in the Browser window)

- keyboard: use virtual keyboard to type on PC, combine keyboard with alt, ctrl, shift to make specific shortcut combination. Use swipe gesture to reveal and hide keyboard.

- function keys: use buttons that are not available from tablet's virtual keyboard (media, arrow buttons, alt, ctrl, shift, esc, enter, pageup/down, tab, close application button)

- virtual touchpad: swipe from the top or press mouse icon button to use your tablet as a mouse with lmb, mmb, rmb and scroll support.


Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: