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AIR Browser v1.18

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Overview :

AIR Browser v1.18 - free blackberry playbook applications

Required Device Software
1.0.0 or higher

File Explorer.
Explore files and folders on your device
Copy, cut, paste files or folders
Delete, rename files and folders
Open files with native applications
Zip archives support (extract and compress)
Built-in text editor
Landscape and portrait mode

v1.17.11 - ES Language update (thank you Juliopp)
v1.17.10 - NL Language update (thank you Yannick)
v1.17.2 - Fix Folder creation bug (not the same)
v1.17.0 -
Cut/Copy entire folder
Compress entire folder
More Icons
v1.11.2 - Fix Folder creation bug
v1.11.0 - Add text editor
v1.10.0 - Add Zip creation


Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: