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Map Search for Google v2.4.0 for playbook apps

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Overview :

Map Search for Google v2.4.0 for playbook apps

Simple to use Search tool for Google Maps helps you find local addresses and get driving directions. Enjoy full screen experience of Google Maps along with BlackBerry® PlayBook™ built in pinch zoom. Built using the latest Google Maps V3 Javascript API which is especially suited for mobile enviroments.
***Now with Places Search!!!*** -- Search nearby places including coffee shops, restaurants, establishments, etc. Get nearby place details with link to google place details URL page
**This app will be among top sellers for a while -- PlaybookDaily.com**
**Best Implementation of Pinch Zoom**
**Includes Panoramio and Traffic View!!**
Features Include:
-Search for address
-Maptypes: Map, Satellite, Terrain
-Street View (where available)
-Driving Directions (Car,Walk,Bike)
Clarifications and Workarounds:
-To access Street View imagery click and drag Pegman icon on top left to place you want to see
-Toggle Directions button to bring up panel and close it
-Click/Toggle Traffic icon for traffic view and Panoramio icon of for Panoramio view
Version 2.1 changes Include:
-Search word Autocomplete
-Wider search box
-Driving Direction Page Re-implementation and fixes
Version 2.2 changes:
-*GPS* functionality to search page
-Performance improvements
Version 2.3 changes:
-Panoramio view
-Panoramio tag filter
-Traffic view
-Improved Driving Directions
-Reverse directions, avoid highways, avoid tolls
-World Map default
-Improved rendering
Version 2.3.1 changes:
-GPS button
-Bug fixs
-Fine tune pinch zoom
Version 2.4 changes:
-Nearby Places Search
-Places Details link
-Panoramio launch link

**Please Note: Usage of this app is based on Google Maps terms of use.
**Panoramio is based on Panoramio terms of use.

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