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Adidas MiCoach 1.0.33

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Overview :

This is adidas' sports software, it can restrict how much distance you need to walk away, making your extra fat disappears as soon as possible, then have a pair of good figure!
Now, it have appeared in the Blackberry World!
I hope everyone can move up, and have a good body shape.

File Size: 837 kb
Required Device Software Operating System: 4.5.0 or higher
Put your coach in the palm of your hand. GPS and real time audible coaching keep you going past your personal best. Choose a training plan customized for your sport and build the speed and endurance to go even farther. Track your workouts and show off your progress on miCoach.com. Download now and get going!

What miCoach can do for you:

Sync up to miCoach.com so you can save and view your detailed workout analysis.

Measure your distance, pace, calories burned, and elapsed time.

Offer daily planned workouts and coaching feedback delivered right to your phone.

Accommodate both outdoor and indoor workout modes.

Provide easy access to your music during your workout so you never have to pause.

Track your shoe usage with wear alerts.

Motivate with customizable audible alerts.


Having issues downloading the voice pack to your phone? Click the Blackberry Media application then press the Blackberry menu and select Options. Set the Device Memory Limit to 12M or 15M from the default 5M.



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