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Serrabona tagExchange for NFC 1.0

Tag: Serrabona tagExchange NFC
Overview :

Serrabona tagExchange for NFC 1.0 for blackberry applications
size: 758 kb
Blackberry 9350, 9360, 9370, 9380, 9620, 9790, 9900, 9930

Full Description:
Serrabona tagExchange will share contacts, events, tasks, telephone numbers and URIs with other NFC enabled devices.

The application also allows you to read and view the data on a virtual or physical NFC tag, including options to launch applications automatically based on the data content, and save content to your contacts, calendar and tasks.

Please contact us at support@serrabona.com if you have any problems with the application, or do not find the functionality you are looking for. We are continually improving the application and adding new features.

Share data with other NFC enabled devices
Easily create virtual tag content from your contacts, calendar and tasks
Create content by entering new data
Read and view the content of a virtual or physical NFC tag
Tap to launch, based on the tag content
Add tag content to your contacts, calendar and tasks
Manage your history of tags read Serrabona tagExchange supports a set of configuration preferences allowing you to adapt the application to your own needs.

Take a look at the Preference Screen accessed via the menu button and explore the options.

The following NFC Data sets are supported to launch applications:
vCard, for Contacts and Phone Numbers
vCalendar, for Events and Tasks
TEL, to call the number in the tag
SMS, to create a new text message using the phone number and text from the tag
eMail, to create a new email message
URL, to open the contained web address in the device browser
Plain Text, to save in the device Memopad Serrabona tagExchange will read data from the following NFC tag types: NFC Forum Type Supported Tags Type 1 Topaz 96 Topaz 512 (IRT5011) Type 2 MiFare Ultra Light MiFare Ultra Light C NTAG203 Infineon my-D Move Infineon my-D NFC Kovio 2K Type 3 FeliCa RC-S965 FeliCa RC-S888 Type 4 MiFare DESFire EV1 (2k, 4k, 8k) MicroPass 4101-2K Version 1.0.0


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