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Tiempo 9900,9930 os7 themes

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Overview :

Tiempo 9900,9930 os7 themes --  The theme It is really amazing!

Theme support BlackBerry 9900, 9930, p9981 running OS7.0 and higher.

Wallpaper Friendly!!
Custom battery and signal meters on top corners of home screen
Alt 1, 4  hide/show side vertical user customizable dock
Alt 2, 5  hide/show bottom static dock
Alt 3, 6  hide/show weather slot (#1 app slot)
Alt 7 show all
Alt O for all grey clock
Alt I for all white clock
Alt O and Alt 9 for Alternating white/grey clock
Alt I and Alt 9 for Alternating grey/white clock
R = Profiles
$ = Text
S = Universal Search


Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: