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Fingerprint Unlock Promotion 1.3 ( buy 0.99$ )

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Overview :
Like Apple's App World free of restrictions, like, BlackBerry World will be in a different season, month, a special time to sell at a discount of outstanding applications. And at this time, at BlackBerry World to buy software is the cheapest and most affordable.

For example, about to go to the November Sweet Deals, and Fall Autumn Sale begins immediately. On Fall Autumn Sale Special, MMMOOO home a classic BlackBerry OS applications Fingerprint Unlock Promotion will be markdowns. From the most primitive to sell 2.99 down to 0.99 now ... If you liked this application has been before, but for various reasons did not buy, then you can not miss this opportunity to Oh!

Fingerprint Unlock Promotion is a "fingerprint" to unlock the application. Fingerprint Unlock Promotion BlackBerry models can replace the screen lock and become your most awesome and most unusual lock screen applications. Actually, Fingerprint Unlock Promotion fingerprints are not really rely on to achieve the unlock, but rather simulate the scanning fingerprints "illusion" the use of screen effects. Looks pretty sweet

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