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Echohacks Speech Trainer Lite 1.0.17

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Overview :
EchoHacks Speech Trainer enables the user to speak into the microphone and
to hear back the user's own voice through headphones after a specific delay in seconds. 
The voice is echoed back automatically, while standard audio recorders
would require multiple button clicks to duplicate this process.
The tool has a wide range of applications and can be used effectively in training 
for accent reduction, foreign language pronunciation, diction, articulation,
singing, public speaking, and interview practice.
Please visit the EchoHacks website to learn how to use the tool effectively 
for your speech training.
EchoHacks Speech Trainer was created by the inventor who wanted to reduce his 
foreign accent, and improve his public speaking skills. He developed the app
after realizing that no tools were available that would assist him to focus on 
deliberate practice (focused high repetition drills) in speech training.
* The app will only function with a phone headset.
* The app is a speech training tool and does not record audio.
* The app will run in the background.
If you encounter any problems, please leave a message on the website forums
(www.echohacks.com/forums) and we will do our very best to help you.
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foreign language, public speaking

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