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Splendid Nature 99xx bold Theme

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Overview :

free Splendid Nature 99xx bold Theme

This ‘Splendid Nature Theme' has enriched graphics with High Quality. All Screens are customized with enrich graphics. This theme gives a different gorgeous look to your BlackBerry® device. It will refresh your eyes and make them healthy. You will surely enjoy using it.
1. High quality background pictures for vertical and horizontal directions. No stretch on background when the phone is in horizontal view
2. Clean and beautiful New OS7 Icons with flowers
3. Separate images for vertical and horizontal theme elements. No stretch on interface elements when the phone is in horizontal view
4. No unwanted Web-link icon on your home screen
5. Beautiful focus
6. Universal Search works perfectly
7. Well tested and adjusted for easy to use and best performance
8. Custom Incoming Call Screen
9. Custom In Call/Outbound Screen
10. Awesome looking lock screen

BlackBerry support model: 9900 9930 p9981
Thanks and hope you enjoy!


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