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Just 10 themes (8900,9000,97xx,9220,9230)

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Overview :

free Just 10 themes (8900900097xx92209230) 

 Continue one theme getting dc on the BlackBerry World share for you to use 899697 - OS5.
Theme name Just 10 but unrelated to BB10 offline B-)

 Theme for unusual experience one bit by rolling the trackball left or right effects to hide the Menu Application Menu consists of 7 ranks the first in Apps List okay.

 Keyboard shortcuts:
alt +1: Manager Connection
$: Profile

Add 1 very good thing that the press alt + o to turn the clock over white and alt + i to switch to black: D

Theme quite nice and smooth but the downside is that in the List display English messages did not nice to read still delicious

Compatible OS 
BlackBerry OS5 : BlackBerry 9000  8900 8910 8980 
BlackBerry OS6: BlackBerry 9700 9780 9788 9650  
BlackBerry OS7.0.0.585 BlackBerry 71- BlackBerry 9320 and 9220.



Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: