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3D Round One for Blackberry 93xx,9620 themes (Trial)

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Overview :

3D Round One for Blackberry 93xx,9620 themes (Trial)

* Exclusive license by the author,people who turn pick please indicate :
from BlackberryRC.com

* Pay version please click here to buy:


Support Devices: 9350 \ 9360 \ 9370 \ 9620
One of the Round Series (Round Two & Round Three)

Main Features:
1. Classic icons from Blackberry OS5
2. 6 icons in the homescreen with animated 3D layout(user-defined)
3. One weather Slot(Under English Input: +/- = show/hide)
4. Pefect Asia language support
5. Extra hotkeys:

w=manage connections;
$=sms($ key must set to US dollar)
+/-=show/hide weather slot

There are two other themes in this series,Round Two with OS6 icons and Round Three with OS7 icons, don't forget to check them out :)

I'm open to suggestions and complainment. If you find bugs or have ideas,feel free to let me know. Let's make a perfect  theme together! if you like it, don't forget to  rate it ;)

Theme support : theme.almostdone#gmail.com or twitter

One thing OS7 users have to know before you purchase or rate it:
All app in the folders(game,media,im .etc) will be invisible, it's a bug caused by themebuilder, and these's nothing I can do until RIM release an official themebulider for OS7.
 You can move the apps  to the homescreen folder or use hotkey,universalsearch,or software like quicklauncher to launch them.


Download Instructions:
 We usually offer three download links, you can choose the best download channel.

 Installation Tutorial: