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Overview :
Message X for blackberry 10 apps -- Message X is a super utility to assist you with SMS, Email… and more is coming.
- You must accept all Permission Requests at the first time Message X is running, if any of them is missing, the app won’t work properly.
- You have to leave Message X running as Active Frame because BlackBerry® hasn’t provided headless-app ability yet. If you quit/exit Message X, it will not function at all. Don’t worry, it doesn’t drain your battery, it’s super power-saving.
- Message X requires full form of phone number which means the phone number should include country code with the plus sign at the beginning, however, in case user just inputs a phone number without country code, Message X assists you automatically.
- In case of sending email, user must have at least 1 email account setup already on device.
- In case of sending a message to a group which might contain both SMS and Email, the subject field in composing screen is for email. It won’t be included in outgoing SMS.
- In case something doesn’t work as expected, please and please contact us for instant help at: support@viethop.com
Core features:
- Forward all sent/received SMS/Text Messages to your email box.
- Forward all sent/received SMS/Text Messages to a specified phone.
- Block/Auto Delete unwanted SMS/Text Messages from the Hub.
- Block/Auto Delete unwanted Emails form the Hub
- Private Message Box allows securing your SMS/Text Message conversation, all SMS/Text Messages from particular senders will be stored inside Message X with password locked. Those messages are deleted in the Hub.
- Group Messaging: Create groups of contacts and send message (Email/SMS) to all contacts in group.
- Message Timer: Scheduling sending message (SMS/Email) to single contact or group of contacts.
- Set different led colors for particular message senders.
- SMS Backup: allowed BlackBerry users Backup/ Restore/ Delete all SMS
- Backup/ Restore Database: Message X allowed users backup and restore database when users change to different BlackBerry device or upgrade OS.
Explanation of Permissions request:
+ Contacts: Retrieve contact to add to Group
+ Device identifying and information: Application version and name
+ Email and PIN message: Email and SMS to filter
+ Internet: Retrieve country code for SMS related features.
Due to BlackBerry 10 limitations and some different regions, this app might not work right away for you, so please contact us at once via emai: support@viethop.com
File Size: 386 KB
Required: BB10 Smartphone OS


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