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Weekend Special: EmergencyWipe for Legacy OS on discount‏

Tag: EmergencyWip
Overview :
All BlackBerry® Legacy OS users caring about their data and privacy should check out this week's Weekend Special by S4BB Limited: EmergencyWipe is on discount for just $0.99!
With EmergencyWipe, users can easily wipe specific sensitive data from their Smartphone. This especially comes in handy when you need to give your device to a distrusted person. The app allows to simply choose from a wide variety of options such as contacts, tasks, events, emails and more to delete all of the associated data from the device's memory. Protect your important files and your privacy at the click of a button, with EmergencyWipe!
EmergencyWipe is compatible with BlackBerry® Legacy OS devices and can be downloaded at BlackBerry World™.


Download Instructions:
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