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Skeper theme for 9000 bold os5

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Tag: 9000 theme Skeper
Overview :

A quite clean and beautiful Graffiti theme - Skeper, delicate and novel, transition animations. BlackberryRC.com sharing, if you like please  quickly download!

This was specifically designed for the 90xx series running 5.0
model: 9000, 9020
size: 629 kb
Skeper is for all of You who search amusing, funny, different and in the same time functional. It will entertain You with something new and funny every time You look at Your BlackBerry® Smartphone.  
‘Why amusing?' Because it presents itself with all kind of secret humor You don't expect and ‘Why functional?' Because in spite all of that, it's very functional, giving You 10 icons on Your home screen – with useful animation (except on BlackBerry® Storm™ 9500 series).



Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: