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boxBerry for 9700/9650/8950 themes

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Overview :

boxBerry for 9700/9650/8950 themes by KD
sources: http://www.ipmart-forum.com/showthread.php?p=3196048
boxBerry by KD takes your Blackberry and turns it into a lean mean organization machine!

4 Easy access tabs that organize all of your applications and keeps your homescreen clean and clutter free. Sliding animations and crisp graphics built by KD ensure this is a theme to have on any device!

Having 'Memory Hog' Concerns? FEAR NOT: This theme has had over TWO THOUSAND lines of 'Composer Garbage' cut out! When a Theme is made in Composer, after export, composer adds thousands of lines of code that is completely unnecessary! To solve this, I stripped out that code and optimized it by hand coding it in reducing the total amount of lines of code in the SVG file from 4,500 to ~1900 lines of code depending on which device you use.

(Major thanks to JP Designs for helping me out with that part!)

Touchscreen navigation: Simply tap any tab to slide it open, and click any application under a tab to open it!

Trackball/Trackpad navigation: Scroll all the way left or right to switch between tabs, and once on the desired tab, scroll DOWN to access its applications. To scroll between tabs again, simply scroll past the farthest most left or right applications depending on which way you wish to slide.
(If ever having problems, once scrolled to a tab, simply scroll down and an application will be highlighted )

PLEASE NOTE: None of the applications listed on any of the tabs (Control Panel, Media Center, Applications and Messaging) are customizable due to Composer limitations, which is why there is a 5 icon user-definable icon dock on the bottom so that the user can choose any 5 applications that arent currently listed in any of the tabs. These are organized by the first 5 icons listed in your Application Menu that is brought up by hitting the BlackBerry Button on your actual device from the homescreen.

Also, Twitter, Facebook, Poynt and Google Maps are not included with the theme because they are 3rd party applications developed by other companies.
They are FREE however and though I am not able to list their direct links here, a simple Google search of "Poynt", "Google Maps Mobile", "Twitter for Blackberry" and "Facebook for Blackberry" will send you in the right direction to download these applications.

(Twitter and Facebook icons in the Applications Tab on this theme work only with the default twitter and facebook apps)

KDs reliable, quick and efficient Customer Service
No need to worry about performance! This theme is lightning quick with hand coded SVG enhancements (Check the description above)
A completely re-done interface for your homescreen
As you tap the labeled Tabs (ex: Messaging, as displayed) the tab will slide open revealing the contents in the panel and pushing other panels to the sides of the screen
Easy access to every Blackberry native day-to-day application such as Calendar, Messages, Media, Profiles and many more
A quick scrollbar at the bottom of the screen with user-definable icons for any native or 3rd party app you want to place there
Dedicated Calendar and Messages Today entries in the Messaging Panel so you can always see which upcoming appointments or new emails you have received.
To be available for Storm1&2 and MOST Trackball devices


Download Instructions:
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