04 - 20

2022 BlackBerry Key2 LE Incarnation - Unihertz Titan Slim!

BlackBerry Key2 LE for 2022 has arrived! Missing your old physical keyboard phone on a Blackberry device? Do you think it's the end of QWERTY keyboards? No, it's not! There is a solution for that as well. Introducing the new Unihertz Titan Slim! The next BlackBerry isn't a BlackBerry at all, but it sure looks like one. Unihertz today revealed the Titan Slim, a QWERTY-keyboarded phone that looks a lot like a BlackBerry Key2 LE.
And we love it a lot. Unihertz hasn't revealed any official specifications for the Titan Slim yet, but the Reddit thread does.
This isn't going to be a high-end phone; like Unihertz's previous products, it'll be a lower-cost device sold on the strength of its distinctive feature, the keyboard. So you'll apparently get a 4.3-inch display screen, Android 11 OS, a 48-megapixel main camera, and a MediaTek CPU, and that's about it for now. We will have to wait a little longer for other details. And we might even get one Titan Slim to review here on our channel, as Uniherts promised. And finally, let's not forget to Sign up now for a chance to get Unihertz Titan Slim up to 43% off on Kickstarter, the official link is below the video, be sure to visit them. That would be all for today, we hear you soon with some Titan Slim news.