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BlackBerry PlayBook Software Updated to v2.1.0.1088

source: http://www.playbookdaily.com/2012/10/25/blackberry-playbook-software-updated-to-v2-1-0-1088/

A small update is now available for the PlayBook. This is a small update, less than 80 MB and is for one primary fix. You will need to restart the PlayBook after update.

This update Includes the following update for the Wi-Fi only PlayBook:
Fixed an issue some users were experiencing with locally created contacts and calendar events after a software update.

Keep in mind this will not undo the contacts and calender stuff, for those that lost stuff, however this update will prevent it from happening again with future OS updates.

You should start seeing the  OS update notification in the top nav bar or you can swipe down and do the check for update method.