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BlackBerry KEY3 Must-Have Features, Release Date, and More...

The most striking feature will be the new BlackBerry KEY3 design, which looks much more reserved than the KEY2. If the previous model was distinguished by the nostalgic charm of the 90’s, primarily thanks to the chrome elements on the keyboard and the black shiny plastic panels, the BlackBerry KEY3 will have a clear rectangular shape and matte finish of the aluminum frame (black or silver), which will make the design of the smartphone more relevant and modern.
The remaining function keys on the keyboard will be identical to BlackBerry KEY2. The space bar will be used as a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device. The buttons themselves will have also touch sensitive, so you can use the keyboard and as a touchpad. From a practical point of view, it will be convenient when scrolling through web pages and entering text: you can confirm the choice of one of the words suggested by the system by lightly moving up. This time BlackBerry KEY3 will have fewer bezels and smaller QWERTY keyboard than KEY2 as you can see the images and video.
BlackBerry KEY3 will work performed under Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, the current mid-range processor from Qualcomm. In principle, the processor class for the device does not matter. BlackBerry KEY3 will especially demonstrate that in terms of performance, the boundaries between different processors will be blurred, and in daily use, you will not notice the difference. The kind of smartphone you hold in your hands – high class or middle class – will be more noticeable in other areas, for example, the quality of photos. Premiere: the second dual camera BlackBerry.