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Insane BlackBerry KEYone Durability Test Video

As promised, here's CrackBerry Kevin's first attempt at a BlackBerry KEYone durability test video. Drop tests, stomp tests and more! Watch to the end of the video for a chance to win a KEYone!!

Recording a BlackBerry KEYone Drop Test video was one of the many ideas on my to videos to do list. After JerryRigEverything posted a video last week and the KEYone failed his bend test with the display popping out a little too easily, I prioritized this video to the front of the line and recorded it on Friday afternoon. I also went a little more all out crazy in the testing than I normally would have done otherwise, putting the KEYone through some "real world" durability tests to help prove it can take a beating.
I've been using the KEYone for over three months now and overall have been impressed with the KEYone -- be sure to read my BlackBerry KEYone review if you haven't yet -- and have found it to be a rugged and durable device based on my experiences to date. I've dropped it, sat on it, stepped on it, etc. without any issues at all.
For this video I purchased four brand new KEYones from Rogers in Canada to conduct the drop tests with. I only needed to make use of two of them in the video, so I'm giving the other two away (watch to the end for instructions on how to enter). After I eventually break the KEYone I dismantle it to get a better look at the adhesive that's holding the KEYone's display in. As you'll see, there is adhesive around the display (you can go re-watch the JerryRig video and see that unit has similar adhesive in place). I then break another KEYone (with great difficulty!) and take a look under the display of that one too.
Take note, I recorded this video before BlackBerry Mobile released their statement saying they're taking measures to strengthen the KEYone's display and will cover under warranty any display popping issues customers may have (overall this has been a small number of people). That said, based on my experiences to date and through the testing in this video, KEYone durability isn't something I'm personally worried about. It's a tough phone and as demonstrated in this video was tough enough to outlast the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 in my Tesla Launch Mode drop test!
I hope you enjoy the video. I wanted to make sure it was fun and also representative of some real world testing. I hate destroying phones, but if necessary I can always conduct more of these test videos.

SOURCE: https://crackberry.com