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Polarsteps - Travel Tracker for favorite android apps

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Overview :

Polarsteps is an application that records and shares the route and location of your trip. It can also integrate photos and diaries. It is shown on color maps, consuming 4% of the electricity per day and very suitable for long-term travelers.

■ Easily track your travels
Automatically keep track of your route and places you’ve visited without taking your phone from your pocket.
■ Ride along with your friends
Follow your family and friends on their trips and feel like you're in the passenger seat.
■ Get an instant photo album
Generate a beautiful printed photo album that includes your travel stats and route.
■ Minimal battery consumption
Our Travel Tracker uses very little battery because we use smart technology to determine your location.
■ Full privacy control
Log your trips privately, share them with friends and family at home or inspire the rest of the world!
■ Tracking works offline
Track your entire route without being connected to the internet. The app automatically synchronizes when you're back online.


Download Instructions:
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