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According to the Australian film underwater explorer and film writer Andrew Waite called a personal adaptation of the legendary true story. When he was diving deep underwater cave explorers miles of distance, the result of a violent storm at the entrance to a cave explorers have landslides, which Andrew was trapped underwater in a dark cave which, after several twists and turns after the end rescued escape. This experience will be writing scripts for his future material.

This is the reason why a legendary adventures are paying attention to the film industry, in addition to the thrilling and fascinating story itself, the science fiction movie with the 3D Masters - James Cameron's accession credit. As the film's producer, Cameron generously himself in the film, the leader in 3D technology, which attract huge system of filming "Avatar," a 3D stereo camera to the same contribution to the whole film out of this true adventure for. As a limited real effects adventure film composition, 3800 million budget, funds can be considered sufficient to make the best use. Film director, the task was eventually selected in the Australian Cameron Grierson Ali, the head of Manchester, who is no name of the first run, after shooting a war movie "War Kokoda" is also mediocrity. Presumably, Grierson's just become overwhelmed by a powerful producer of the "vest" only, and perhaps everything in the studio or to Cameron's final say. However, this way, at least in the visual and the horror film efforts'd also added a lot of expectations and to see the Boss.

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