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Story of the film begins with a gourd from the assumption that men and women in marriage, often in the "fantasy": "If he did not become married, then I would be like life, will someone?" This name as "having sex card" from the movie comedy and toilet humor specializing in low-speed Ferrari brother's hands. And brothers, and almost all the videos, like all of Ferrari, the film is still a fun movie specializing in lower body insignificant. The assumption that the film is a trick commonly used Ferrari brother. And this plot setting, often make the main character in Lost in the further and further away, the last can not find the way out.

So, how such a serious point of departure it can be turned into a comedy, the film's jokes is the source of where? Fred played Jason - Sudaiqisi said: "Ricky and Fred although a modicum of success in their careers, but also some economic status, but they do not what is widely welcomed by the women handsome sportsman. But , thinks they are cool. film comedies to come out from here, there are always a cool man thinks because of who came out. but in fact, they may not have much appeal to girls. such things often very interesting, because the self-righteous people who do not know it would be sudden, big joke. "In fact, in addition to people's own jokes, the film's plot also provides a lot of ridiculous things, coupled with Ferrari brothers do best" bad taste humor ", the film is destined to become an R-class comedy. One writer Peter - Jones, said: "After all, this is a movie, rather than what 'life guide', 'coaching marriage' as the books. So, some people own story, and no place will be a small people feel dull. In other words, we are writing the script, the story had already arranged the general direction and intensity of jokes. I think most of the audience to the cinema to open a Ferrari Brothers film is not what to look for meaning of life, but look for the fun. "

Although this is a comedy movie, but the Ferrari is still very full brother to set the protagonist of several very complementary, so as not to blindly seeking only funny videos and let the audience can not stand. In the film, a character, named Corkery, who is a mentor Fred Rich and the same figure, when two people are single men to enter the entertainment world, need someone directions. Towards the end of bachelor life, when they need someone to "reminding us of scenes dream" life in general lira back - this is the role of Corkery.

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