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TINT Black Coral for 9650,97xx bold themes

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Overview :

free TINT Black Coral for 9650,97xx bold themes -- Available in 6 different versions: Blue, Purple or Coral, Blacked out or regular!
Flexible and Functional with a touch of color.
TINT will improve how you use and view your device.  With a hideable today area, hideable docks and hideable weather slot, TINT can be a productive workspace or a showcase for your wallpapers.
*  Choose from 6 colors and 3 opacity levels on your homescreen!
Unique Features:
* Bbt's Options Panel lets you customize the color of your homescreen!
* Dynamic Today Area allows yoju to switch between Calendar, SMS and Messages!
* 2 hideable docks with up to 14 icons (text and icons)!
* Slick, custom animations on homescreen.
* Everything is skinned for a completely unique experience.
* Fast, flexible and clean!

Model: 9650, 9700, 9780, 9788


Download Instructions:
 We usually offer three download links, you can choose the best download channel.

 Installation Tutorial: