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Delicioso theme ( 9650, 9700. 9780 os6 )

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Overview :

Delicioso theme ( 9650, 9700. 9780 os6 ) - - Delicioso is Spanish for delicious. And boy is this theme yummy! With a simple approach to the homescreen Delicioso only has a weather slot and your essentials like time, date, and meters. But that doesn't mean this theme is lacking in the eye candy department. The dock holding the weather slot and time has a nice tucked in effect and looks good with mostly any wallpaper of your choice. And at a reasonable price a nom nom of a theme like Delicioso is a sure purchase!

It is suitable for OS 6.0.0 for bold 96xx, 97xx series. size: 386 kb.  Hope you will like it.

Blackberry bold 9650, 9700, 9780




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