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Reflect7 Carbon for BB 9650,9700,9780 Simple themes

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Overview :

free Reflect7 Carbon for BB 9650,9700,9780 Simple themes
size: 1.28 mb
Blackberry 9650, 9700, 9780

.::| Clean, Simple, Useful |::.

HUGE Update! Version 2 is Here!

We took an already great fan-favorite and made it so much better!

!Reflect 7 has been rebuilt from the ground up! All graphics were remade, newly created or highly optimized to cut down on theme size, increase visual appeal and, most importantly, improve performance. All themes have new cursors, dialog boxes, awesome buttons and improved phone/notification icons.

For Storm and Torch:
We added a sliding dock that is seamlessly incorporated into the bottom banner bar.  Press the middle of the bar to control whether you want 1 or 2 rows with 4 or 8 icons, respectively. We kept the multiple hot spots but added functionality – press the battery meter for Options, notification area for Messages, signal meter for Manage Connections, and time for the Clock App.  The bottom left and right hotspots now control the 10th and 11th icons, respectively - dedicate these hotspots by simply placing your favorite apps in those positions. There is also a Hidden Today that will show your recent messages or upcoming calendar events.  Add everything together and you have a Home Screen that puts up to 16 applications at your fingertips and keeps you up to date!

For TrackPad and TrackBall:
Our favorite feature is a 10 icon sliding dock controlled by scrolling left and right. To simplify the user experience, we built shortcut buttons right into the bottom banner bar - scroll down to reveal that the bar has one button on the left and right, controlling the 12th and 13th icon respectively. Dedicate these hotspots by placing your favorite apps in those positions.  We added our traditional clickable banner – with the battery meter for Options, the notification area for Messages, signal meter for Manage Connections, and the time for the Clock App. There are also Space Bar and ‘$’ hotkey options, controlling the 14th and 15th icons.  All in all, it’s an amped-up, hyper-functional version of the theme so many know and love!







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