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POP N9 style for blackberry 97xx,9650 bold themes

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Tag: bold 97xx PoP N9 9650 themes
Overview :

free POP N9 style for blackberry 97xx,9650 bold themes
File Size: 1.16 mb
Required Device Software:
Smartphone: 6.0
model: Blackberry 9650, 9700, 9780

POP is a fun, vibrant theme that doesn't sacrifice on features.

Features include:
* Weather Slot
* Hideable Today Area with up to 8 items
* Clickable Banner Items
* Over 20 Apps accessible via the Home screen
* Folders with pop up animations
* Hidden App accessible via Spacebar (first slot)
* Custom, vibrant icons

Brighten up your day with POP!

Good to Know (Slot order and folders):
- SPACEBAR will open the 1st icon on your App Page.
- Weather Slot opens the 2nd icon on your App Page.
- The Favorites folder will show the 3rd through 7th icon on your App Page.
- On OS5 *only* the top two "Social" icons correspond to the 8th and 9th icons on your App Page.
- The Favorites folder opens Applications folder on Non-Touch only.
- Folders will open corresponding folders on Non-Touch only (Favorites - Applications, Media - Media, IM - IM, Social - a custom folder named "Social").*

(*some device builds may not open corresponding folders, seems to depend on device)

Weather Slot:
*Third-party Weather App required (e.g. BeWeather Free) to show weather*
Weather Slot will show any App you have in the 2nd slot of your App Page.

Today Area:
Show: Click on the Notification Area, or press 3 (Alt+R).
Hide: Press the Escape key.

TOUCH-based devices:
Press in the empty space on the Home screen to hide/show icons.

Optional Home Screen Shortcuts:
(#) Hide Folders.
(*) Show Folders.
(3) Launch Today Panel. Alternatively, click on the Notifications Area.

Additional Home screen Shortcuts:
(Spacebar) Opens the first icon on your App page
(L) Profiles
(K) Calendar
(O) Options
(M) Messages
($) SMS
(@) Manage Connections

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Remember to perform a battery pull (remove battery while device is running) after installing a new theme.


Download Instructions:
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