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Absolute for Storm (95xx) and Torch (98xx) OS 6.0

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Overview :

Absolute for Storm (95xx) and Torch (98xx) OS 6.0
by ~symbianart
For the First Time from my House of Theme Making.

The Touch Screen Theme for Storm (95xx) and Torch (98xx) OS 6.0 .

It is supported with OS 5.0 and OS 6.0.

I have solved quite a number of issues with the Initial Theme Testing Results. Now with the BBTHEME LAB OTA Hosting Problem , I had been trying to upload it to OTA. But the BBTHEMELAB is not responding.

So I have no other option left other than the OFFLINE WAY OF INSTALLING THE THEME.

Please find the download link Specified down and also the process of how to install a Theme Offline.

UNRAR/UNZIP the file with a software WINRAR/WINZIP( Available free on internet through Google).

Now click the downloaded file.

It will open with WINRAR/WINZIP.

You will find the files inside.

Connect your phone to your PC, Activate the Mass storage Mode.

Make a folder in your Memory Card with the Theme Name, and copy all these extracted files inside the folder.

Disconnect Mass storage and come out.

Open BB Menu, Go to Application Folder.

Go to File Manager.

Go to Media Card....and to the Theme folder(that you made).

Open it and go to the smallest file of 2 KB(JAD).located either at the bottom or at the top.

Click on that.

It will ask you for Download option.

Just press DOWNLOAD, and your theme will be downloaded from the Memory card onto your Device.

Go to Options, Themes and there you go.

You have your best Theme .



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