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IN2U for Torch 9800 themes

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Overview :

free IN2U for blackberry Torch 9800 themes download

The themes In2u icon and OS6 icon contains two versions.

In2u means that in to you, the new vocabulary in the network have their own categories dialect today, IN2U that mean to each other and say "I love you, I think you're cute" means ~

Main features:

1. Replace the full set of colorful icons ~ depth of each folder, the default icon behind the overall style of rounded corners ensure the unity of the box.
2. The main screen, simple design, the time that the charge sheet with a scale ~
3. Topic icons in the whole interface has a unique wood grain and wooden supports set off the icon.
4. The main screen offers 5 free software, a profile button position (corresponding to the software icon on the top 5)
5. The main screen can be recycled bits 5 software selection, an icon in any key can jump up to the "profile" button.


Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: