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Cronk v1.3.3 for playbook games

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Overview :

Aaron let us know about the new release of Cronk for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Cronk is a game that is available on many other platforms (iOS, webOS, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX) that was ported over to the BlackBerry Playbook. Cronk is their first Playbook application but he did let us know that they will be bringing more games to the PlayBook soon.

Cronk is a cave man who is trying to save his tribal villages from destruction.

In order to help him you must throw boulders to the oncoming train of rocks, matching three or more of the same color before they crush Cronk’s village.

Along the way you will encounter special boulder types that will aid in your quest. Identify and learn patterns during the game play to work to your advantage!

Enjoy classic or timed modes with three levels of difficulty!

Price 2.99


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