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Maple Leaf - BB Wallpapers Pack

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Overview :

Maple Leaf - BB Wallpapers Pack (480x360)

Maple Leaf to 5 lobed palmate, long 13 cm wide, slightly larger than the long, three largest lobes with a few prominent teeth, the base of the heart-shaped, above medium green to dark green, hairy on the axillary vein following the fall turn yellow to orange or red.

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Flowers yellow-green, small, no petals, there are down in the small handle and spring with the leaves open, was open inflorescence. Fruit with parallel wings, 2.5 cm long.

Maple Leaf characteristics
Deciduous trees in autumn and winter, when the body will produce some chemical reactions, so that the material contained in the original leaf tissue decomposition or in part, the recovery of storage in the stem or root of the site, next spring when you can re-use, chloroplast, chlorophyll is be broken down one of the objects recovered, because the high content of chlorophyll, which covered the other colors, so that leaves were green. So when the leaves when the chlorophyll is no other color pigments manifested, such as the anthocyanins of red, yellow carotene and lutein, the yellow and so on. In addition, the sugar maple leaf in storage will be converted into anthocyanin decomposition, so that leaves more bright colors, red. Maple Leaf is not the five "fingers" is not maple, it is the characteristics of Maple Leaf!


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