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Pac-Man wallpapers and Ringtones pack

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Tag: Ringtones Pac-Man 480x360 Wallpapers
Overview :

free Pac-Man 480x360 wallpapers and Pac-Man Ringtones pack
Pac-Man 480x360 wallpapers load up have 23 wallpapers.
Pac-Man Ringtones load up have three Ringtones.

Pac-Man arcade video game from the identical name is generally a transplant within your Atari 2600 system game, the absolutely earliest business opportunity outside of your Namco arcade in 1980 to launch, right following the Atari business opportunity in mid-March 1982 profit Atari 2600 version. Pac-Man's earliest martial arts styles named Pakkuman, from "パ ク パ ク foods べ る" pronunciation paku-paku taberu, paku-paku, mentioned mouth, just one of many movement and sound, the picture depicting the "I eat, as a result I am" mind-set in the direction of life.


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