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Reaper for BB10 & Playbook

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Overview :

In this month Reaper landed the iOS, Android, WP, Mac  and so on , also login BB10 platform at the same time, the game of "cool" can be used to describe light efficiency, cooperate in place of a sound gives a person a kind of emotion of "each knife into the meat ," players in the game's task is to play a fighting against the swordsman, destroy monsters along the way.

File Size: 27 MB
Required Device Software Tablet: 2.0.0 or higher
BB10 Smartphone: 10.0.0 or higher
Blackberry 10 Devices: Blackberry Dev Alpha, Blackberry Z10, Blackberry A10, Blackberry Q10, Blackberry Q5
Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters! Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG!
• Take countless quests and uncover the secrets of Wilderness
• Level up your character with skills of your choice
• Hundreds of swords, armor and accessories to equip
• Play all sides and make your own decisions
The game is free up to character level 10. There are no microtransactions!  If you like the game, you can upgrade to a premium edition.


Download Instructions:
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