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SMS Blocker 2.2.1

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Overview :

The SMS Blocker 2.2.1 is carefully selected by BlackberryRC.com, Hope you will like it. It is suitable for OS 4.5.0 or higher series.

Required Device Software
4.5.0 or higher


SMS Blocker is the 1st application that fully supports Text (SMS) Blocking on BlackBerry® device.

SMS Blocker is a useful application that helps you to BLOCK any unwanted incoming Text Messages (SMS) that you want to reject.


More Features:
1. SMS Blocker is available to allow you to define the numbers to block.
2. Block any SMS made from individual or malicious people, robot or automated system, marketing personnel, or telesales.
3. Define and schedule block function for a period of time to Enable or Disable the SMS Block function
4. Integrates with your Message Inbox so that you can easily add the Block number from there.
5. Password Protector is available to prevent unauthorized access into the SMS Blocker application.
6. Blocked Log is available to allow you easily trace back the blocked history that includes name, number, message content, date and time. Besides that, you can directly make a phone call or send a SMS to the blocked number by a simple click.
7. Enable or Disable the SMS Blocker any time, or anywhere.

To Block SMS, please ensure that the block SMS number matches with the incoming SMS number.

First Method to Add Block Numbers:
1. Go to Text Message (Inbox)
2. Select the message that contains the number you want to block
3. Click the menu button on your device
4. Click "Block this number by SMS Blocker"

Second Method to Add Block Numbers:
- Please enter the block SMS number in the International Standard Format if the incoming SMS includes Country Code. i.e. +(Country Code) followed by (Mobile Number).
For UK mobiles, please enter as +44xxxxxxxxxx etc.


Download Instructions:
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