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Silent Foto v1.0.10.1 for blackberry smartphones

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Silent Foto v1.0.10.1 for blackberry smartphones
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Required Device Software Operating System: 6.0.0 or higher

Tired of hearing the shutter sound effect each time you take a picture? Silent Foto allows you to take a picture the way it should be, with no annoying sound. Easily take a silent photo from within the application by pressing on the main button, this app is very easy to use. Features: - Take photos silently - No shutter sound - Media card support - One-click photo taking - Intuitive UI design After the image has been taken, it is saved in the 'Camera' directory on your media card (if it is available) or on your device's internal storage. The dimensions of the image saved with this app depends on your screen's resolution. The screen resolution varies between different devices based on your screen size and camera. DISCLAIMER: Some places prohibit the usage of an app that silences the camera on devices. Be aware of local laws and use your own discretion when using this app. If this app is illegal in your country do NOT use it. S4BB Limited is NOT responsible if you use this app illegal in any way. Use this app legally and always be aware of the consequences if used incorrectly. If you like Silent Foto please write a review. Thanks.

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