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LoudTalks 1.8 beta OS7.0

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Overview :

LoudTalks 1.8 beta OS7.0 for blackberry free applications download
Required Device Software:

Blackberry 9900, 9930

The fastest way to communicate online. Don't type or call — just push F7 and speak! Reply, when convenient, talk to all people in a group at once or anyone individually, re-play the entire conversation later from voice history. It works on your Windows Mobile device too.

Loudtalks Cloud
Managed enterprise push-to-talk service
Talk instantly to anyone in the team with less than 1 second (*) call setup time
Communicate up to 100 participants at once in a push-to-talk call group
Manage user accounts, channels and access rights from admin web-console
Use with any operator, anywhere in the world
Re-play complete conversations later from voice history
Use client SDK and server API to integrate with your existing applications
Connect together users on PC, Windows Mobile and conventional two-way radios
Easy 2-minutes network setup

Support Chinese.


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